Bartlebee's Cannablog

In finding anything and to really appreciate it, you have to meet it, greet it, accept it, and release it. Some people think this means let go; I think it means absorb and share your knowledge. As anyone knows, being a person can mean what you know, or who you know, how you articulate that back into the world, “what you’re made of.” But what does that mean? How does it relate to cannabis? How can someone who has been considered “low on the totem pole”, as budtenders have been said to be, possibly have any part in the monumental revolution that is cannabis? Well, turns out we’re one of the most important pieces. Budtending: typically one’s first step into the fantastic world that is cannabis.

Maybe you were a customer to start out and just wanted to be around something so good that you enjoyed. Maybe you were a cannabis connoisseur and wanted to educate the world, starting with your community. One thing everyone can always agree on, cannabis is good and brings people together. I’ve heard countless stories of new friendships, great moments, and unforgettable memories that all begin in cannabis.

A very real moment, the best medicated edibles that I ever received was from a young gentleman about my age when I was 22 years old, he gave them to me because I shared a bowl with him at the half-point on our 12-hour journey to Idaho by Greyhound bus. These are the times, people. I still think about all the times just sharing a bowl has connected me to another human being. That’s what being human can mean, seeking connection in some way, to something.

This is what a Budtender really is. Connecting people, to something good, to good experiences, to a better life, whatever the cause! It is no argument that cannabis can improve any situation or perspective it is an addition to whether it be in cooking, agriculture, medicine both psychologically for anxieties and mental concerns as well as physically for pain relief, fatigue, what have you; it always benefits whatever it is being added to or being used for.

This is where we are. Not quite all the way there but on the cusp of being able to do so many things. We’ve done so much already but once the potential is fully unhinged I feel society will start to feel a little more whole. As budtenders, we’re in this. Whether you’ve thought of it or not, we are the front lines of a revolution. People count on us to be educated, fight the stigma, answer questions, and normalize what already should’ve been long ago.

I’m excited to start this journey blogging something I feel this passionate about. I promise to adhere to budtenders everywhere and plead for your input, your voice, your questions, your comments; any piece of you. If you don’t voice it, they won’t know all of the support they’re getting! We are here to assure everyone that legalization is coming and happiness is around the corner. Let’s do this.