Q: What was your first experience with cannabis?
A: My friends rolled a joint and smoked me out in a baseball dugout. After that, I smoked socially, then once I was diagnosed with cancer my parents bought it for me from one of my friends to help with my appetite.

A recent study shows that cannabis stimulates your body to produce more ghrelin than you do naturally. For those who don’t know; Ghrelin is the chemical in your body that makes you hungry. That’s why you get the munchies, and why cannabis is very good for those with appetite and other stomach problems.

Q: What is your preferred way of ingesting cannabis?
A: Wana 1:1 Strawberry Lemonade Gummies are my absolute favorite thing right now. I’m partial to sour flavors so the strong lemon tartness of these gummies is very appetizing. At roughly $15 for anywhere between 46mg to 50mg of THC and CBD they’re really my go-to edible. They started their company in Colorado but they have brought their business to Oregon, where I am located, and I am ever so grateful.

Aside from that I dab every day, and I habitually enjoy a bedtime twax joint. I prefer Hemper’s glass tips for my home-rolls with Elements’ King Sized rice papers.

Q: How long have you been in the cannabis industry?
A: Funny enough I’m fairly new to this. May 8th was my first day at my dispensary, so just a little under 4 months.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a Budtender?
A: When my customers tell me my suggestions really helped them. It makes me feel proud, and nurturing. Whenever a regular is happy to see me it just makes my day.

Q: Who is your favorite regular customer?
A:. One of our older regulars has a really stupid looking ugly dog but it’s endearing because he’s the sweetest damn thing. Whenever I’m there when they come in he gets so excited! He starts barking and when I come around the corner to love on him he runs over to me and rubs himself against me so I’ll pet him! Then if I stop he barks at me, hahaha.

Q: Funny work stories?
A: My second day I ate an entire 50mg rice crispy treat on my lunch break and I was NOT okay after that. My boss called our assistant manager and opened with “This bitch and her edibles!”

Q: Any advice for other Budtenders?
A: Work your ass off and know what you’re talking about. Make sure your hard work stands out. Go to cannabis events and network. Don’t be lazy! Follow the laws to a T!

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