Customer concern: What makes this (*points to top shelf eighth*) more expensive than that (*points to low shelf eighth*)?

No doubt you’ve played this game, and it’s usually followed by something like, “There is no reason I shouldn’t be able to get a quality eighth for $20 like back in the day.”

Experienced budtenders may know how to address this, but newbies might not be able to clap back quickly yet. For those dying to know, here’s the breakdown. Even in a liberated society such as ours, alas, good things are often not cheap. But here’s WHY, and most importantly, a brief spiel for the customers to get them to understand. After all, budtenders are here to answer questions and fight the stigma!

The Lowdown on Top Shelf

Top shelf farms usually have a really good setup, such as greenhouses with living soil or indoor grows with controlled environmental conditions so that the results are more controlled and consistent. Think about what that takes. You’re paying for the land or facility they use, including insane electric and water utilities, even with all of the farms currently involved in reducing their footprint, it’s still takes a lot. There’s also the pesticides (hopefully not) to consider or more natural approaches such as insects and beneficial soil mixes. And that’s just the basic usage. Now factor in the farmers who care for the massive crops, as well as the trimmers, because who likes sugar leaves and little stems? It takes people and love to make it!

Now, from the marvelous farms to your friendly neighborhood dispensary, you’re paying for the convenience of having dispensaries to store it for you. Paying for that building and the very Budtender who takes care of you. It takes money. Not to mention a substantial amount of money for the licensing required to dispense what is still considered to be a schedule one drug and the exhausting efforts to remain legal and toeing the line in fear otherwise losing a job and career as well as possibly being fined or jailed. Don’t be afraid to tell people what we do; we put our lives on the line. Federally, something could happen to us. But we are here making a better place, so yeah, that top shelf eighth is gonna be a bit more for all of the people fighting this good fight.

You Get What You Pay For

At the end of the day, it’s simple. Anyone can grow cannabis; not everyone can grow GOOD cannabis. That’s the bottom line. Quality growers are fighting to give us the best cannabis possible. Bottom line you have to pay good money to get good flower. If you are ok with smoking whatever, then that’s fine. Not knocking it. I have literally had a customer tell me that they just like smoking and it beats smoking cigarettes. No judgment. But if you want that awesome high from some well-trimmed and well-cured bud, you gotta pay for it!

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