Hi!! My name is Kristin or Cloud as most people call me. I am a Medical marijuana patient, long time user, advocate, educator, and Budtender. I am in Maryland where we just celebrated our ONE YEAR anniversary of medical cannabis becoming legal!

Now I am only 36… but I NEVER THOUGHT I’d see the day when medical or otherwise cannabis use would become legal in this historically Republican state. Not only can I legally purchase affordable meds now, I get to spend the day helping others do the same. How is this life?!? hehe 

Quick background on me!

I use medical marijuana for the following lovey diagnosis… PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety, OCD, ADHD, annnnd Insomnia. Oh yea – I won out there lol. I have taken several classes and received certificates for Terpene Education, THC/CBD and the human body, Chronic pain and CBD, Medical Cannabis and Mental Health Disorders. Along with my own research and notes (which are lengthy, but it saved me a ton of time and money by making sure to learn what would work for my specific aliments.

My parents are HIPPIES to the max. They never talked to me about pot much.

The FIRST TIME I SMOKED MARIJUANA, I was in 6th grade (yes I was 11) at the bus stop BEFORE school….super smart, I know lol. As soon as the kid lit up his toilet paper roll wrapped in tin foil, with little holes poked in..

(I know ya’ll remember that old trick haha)

A WAVE of epiphany came over me…

“THIS IS WHAT MY HOUSE HAS SMELLED LIKE MY WHOLE LIFE!!!”I exclaimed… and we all proceeded to laugh hysterically, I’m assuming at my reaction. Mom and dad were busted lol.

Here I am 25 year later……wait what?!?!!?! Goodness I sound ancient!!

Able to buy quality glass pieces for my meds now, shout out to Sunny Daze Smoke Shop in Westminster MD and the Wonderful Dankstop online store! 

EVEN better yet- Quality amazing meds for affordable prices!!!! Here’s just a few of the beauties I’ve obtained for now… I don’t want to give them all away just yet! J

I CANNOT wait to share with you all the medical knowledge I have gained, and if even just one person benefits…Man, it’s already all worth it.

Also cannot wait to hear from you guys and all learn from each other just how different things are from State to State.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to ask questions anytime!! I have a lot of cool ideas for this blog and our community, and I hope you’ll come along with me! PEACE AND MUCH LOVE