In the past, when we didn’t like something a company was doing, or there was a problem with the product you might as well have just found a better product because there’s nothing you could do to try and make it better.

Well, that was before social media. Those were the days where businesses weren’t held accountable by their consumers in the way having a platform has given us. Recently, I used that platform to influence a company here in Oregon, and holy shit – they just set a standard that all companies in our industry would do well to follow.

A Constructive Insta Post Gets Attention

The company is called Exotic Blendz; they’re a pre-roll pack company that hit the market not too long ago. Here in Oregon, the prices of cannabis have plummeted because of the surplus, and it has granted us the ability to create affordable, quality pre-roll packs. We sell these at La Mota for $20 a pack; breaking it down that’s $4 a gram. I hope in the future we’ll have affordable 20 packs, which might make people switch to cannabis from nicotine. But that’s a whole different story.

After posting on Instagram I got an immediate response from the company in the comments that they would fix this issue, and boy did they deliver. On Wednesday, I came into work, and our key manager told me that the owner had just dropped off a new box and that he had told him that after my Instagram post he stopped production entirely to fix the issue.

Holy. Shit.

That is huge! I was able to help bring about positive change for a company and the industry with one single post on Instagram. This is the future we are living in; this is the kind of thing that we need to see more of in the cannabis industry. Holding the brands (even the ones we love) responsible and having that consumer-business rapport changes everything.

My Voice, as a Budtender, was Heard

I’m sure being a budtender helped get my message across, and I’m glad that it did. Being able to use my profession and social media as a platform for change is huge, especially when it’s a retail job. But the cannabis industry seems to be setting business practice standards left and right, and I hope that these standards bleed out into other industries as well. It’s about time that the businesses behind the products we consume listen to our opinions and ideas, and act upon them.

The newest batch of Exotic Blendz has yet to hit our shelves, but I am incredibly excited for when they do. (Maybe I’ll even get a t-shirt out of this?)