A small recap of my first part to the Urban Canna review; they are a fantastic indoor grow based in Springfield, Oregon. They have a knack for consistency and improvement batch after batch. Not in every dispensary yet, but the blow-up will be quite successful for them in 2019, I’m sure! Quality farms always shine true, and this is particularly important in Oregon during this crazy time of surplus in product. Here are some of the fantastic strains from their lineup that I have tried.

Strain Reviews

Strain: Poison Fruit

Lineage: OOKB (OGKB x Secret Weapon) x Purple Punch

First hits the nose with a lovely sweet, fruity cookie with some “breath” tones. Though the taste is mostly dank cookies with a pepper kick. The sweet didn’t entirely transfer to the taste. Super stoney! Very relaxing, you feel much of it in your face. There’s a slight appetite stimulant to it, not terribly hungry but snacking is enjoyed. Incredibly calm and happy, but also a little bit derpy; movies and gaming is ideal. Not quite suitable for work, you’re mentally lazy. But this is an excellent head changer and mood elevator!

Strain: Triple Platinum Candy

Lineage: Platinum GSC x Platinum Candy (Platinum x Candyland)

This dense little guy smells like danky, gassy earth with a sweet pine kick to it. It was a very sticky bud to handle! Very “glue”-esque. Tastes of pungent, dank, peppery earth. You can feel some pine in the exhale. Definitely was a creeper and sneaks up on you! It takes a minute to set in and covers you like a blanket. Not that you can’t move, you just don’t want to. It is super relaxing. Gets heavier with time while it puts you at ease. Excellent muscle relaxant and it turns into full onset sedation.

Strain: White Apricot Sherbet

Lineage: White Sherbert x Legend Orange Apricot

I loved the smell of this from the start! It’s like a sweet, chemmy apricot with some earthy tones. There’s some gas to it too! Interesting terpene profile for sure. Tastes much like it smells. Apricot, chem, light gas, earth, and spices. Hits a little harsh with the pepper kick. Incredibly stoney and relaxing, another “face hugger”! Nice droop to the shoulders and a loss of stress carried in the body. Gives you a little bit of a “headband” feeling on your head. Very happy and smiley and it gets heavier as it goes! It won’t make you fall asleep, so it’s great for movies, gaming and socializing as well.

Strain: Gelato Cake

Lineage: Gelato #33 x Wedding Cake

Smelled and tasted like a vanilla cookie! I swear! I was thrilled. Has some gas, wood & pepper notes in the exhale. Dangerously good and smooth. A powerful hybrid is always nice to have in your arsenal; balance is ideal. This strain was mentally stimulating, stoney in the eyes, and you feel it from the neck up. A tingly & uplifting smoke, this is a nice wake & bake! It really gives you the motivation you need for the day.

Overall, I hope you cannaisseurs get the chance to try this grow because it is a treat. Especially those of us who enjoy a good indica to calm us down and help us relax! I enjoy this farm both recreationally and medically and commend it for its products. Much love and I hope you enjoyed the review!