Chances are if you ask any cannabis lover where their ultimate dream weedcation would be, Amsterdam would be at the top of the list. This tolerant, European capital has been at the forefront of the acceptance for the consumption of soft drugs around the world. However, things are not always as they seem — did you know that growing weed is actually illegal? 

So listen up fam, Budtender Nation’s got your back. Here are some things you should know if you’re heading to Netherlands to get blazed.

SURPRISE. Cannabis is not actually legal.
Though it’s legal to buy cannabis at coffee shops, the coffeeshops technically operate in a bit of a legal gray area. No one is really sure where the coffeeshops get their weed, and no one really wants to know (including the police.) Shops cannot sell more than 5grams of cannabis to any person and cannot have more than 500 grams (5 kilos) on premise.

Coffeeshops are mainly for tourists.
Unlike places where cannabis is treated like some forbidden fruit (which always makes it that more tempting) only 8% of Dutch citizens partake in our favorite activity.

But coffeeshops are still a fun experience. Especially when you find one that you really vibe with…
Just like your favorite dispensary back home, all coffee shops have their own unique environment. With over 170 coffeshops scattered throughout the city, be sure to explore and check-out a few to find the one that best suits you. At the end of this post are some recommendations from fellow Dutch budtenders below (so you know they’re good!)

Menus are not always descriptive, so be sure to ask questions.
The menu will tell you what types of weed, joints, and hash the coffeeshop has for sale, but not much more than that. Shops will test to make sure nothing super gross is in the weed, but unlike dispensaries in the US and Canada, there is no regulating body to verify strain, potency, terpene profile, etc. Your best bet is to chat with a budtender to get their personal recommendations.

Don’t expect to find any concentrates or any non-baked edibles.
Coffeshops keep it classic by selling flower, pre-rolls, hash, and of course “space cakes” aka pot brownies. Most pre-rolled joints contain tobacco so ask for a “pure joint” if you’re looking for one without tobacco.

And always check the weed before buying it.

BYOB: Bring your own bong (or pipe. And cash.)
Most coffee shops don’t sell paraphernalia or take credit cards, so it’s best to bring them along. Coffeeshops will usually give you a few papers if you want to roll your own joints, as well as strips of paper to make a bridge at the tip.

Smoking marijuana in public is illegal, but not really enforced.
Discretion is really key in this city so as long as you’re not blatantly obvious, you’re free to enjoy your favorite herb outside.

Don’t buy weed from anywhere besides coffeeshops.
Just don’t.

And as always, have fun, take it easy and know your limits!

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