This week we just want to be entertained. We are READY because Netflix’s show Ozark is back THIS FRIDAY. If you’re not on this crazy train, then what are you even doing?

It’s the SHIT.

You’ll never want the binge to end. 

Get caught up before the next season drops.

Want a more chill high time activity? All things old are new again. That’s right; we’re bringing Mad Libs back. The game you remember from those long-ass car rides as a kid is back and better than ever.

All about those buds.

Light one up with a few friends and get ready escape to simpler times.

Ready to get the giggles? Check out dosist’s Bliss dose-pen.

Embrace the dose. 

If you’re two puffs in and aren’t loving life, that’s just cray. This pen is currently a California exclusive, but hopefully, they’ll be able to spread the love to other states soon.

P.S. If you need a service animal, you should totally make it a miniature horse. We would LOVE to sit next to you on the most amazing plane ride ever.