Today we’re in that oh shit, summer is almost over mode.

To get ready for some end of summer reading, y’all should check out Dispensary Life. It’s an awesome book for anyone who wants to get into the Budtending world. The author Bethany works at a dispensary in Denver and realized that when she was going through training…there’s not a lot out there. Her book is available on Amazon. Check it out here.

Dispensary Life, by Bethany Weisbacher

Also, we like zonkeys (Google them, fam).

When we have trouble sleeping, we’ve been trying Colorado’s Blue Raspberry TasteBudz. Sweet, sweet dreams – literally. To warn you, we love sweets and we’ll try anything blue raspberry.

TasteBudz CO2 Infused Cannabis Edibles

It’s the last month of summer, but don’t let this happen to you. To be clear though, definitely get the unicorn.