In honor of this dope ass article in Forbes about 9 ladies killing it in the cannabis industry, today The Good Shit is continuing that theme! Cannabis is a brave new world and it’s exciting to see it opening up new paths for women from all walks of life (although, we still wish there was even more inclusivity in the industry. Hello, the need for expungement and the enfranchisement of communities most affected by over policing in cannabis!). That, however, deserves its own blog post. Today, it’s all about the ladies. Here are some kickass women doing their thing in cannabis.

Want the latest scoop on cannabis movers and shakers? The Maria & Jane podcast is the place to be. Jac Carly interviews everyone from founders to growers to advocates and the great thing is, they’re all women! It’s chock full of great insights and super fun to hear so many cannabis successes. Give it a listen!

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On a far less serious note, allow us to introduce you to Koala Puffs and MacDizzle. These two Los Angeles-based cannabis influencers are flat out ridiculousity. Their antics run the gamut from skits to meetups to edible infused makeup tutorials. They’re def worth a follow.

We here at BudtenderNation appreciate a fine ass gummy because gummies are the bomb. If you’re looking for a medicated sour patch kid lookalike then look no further than BakedBros Sour Worms.

You can find’em in Arizona and we wish we could get our hands on them everywhere else!