Hey, hey, BudtenderNation! What up? Spring is in the air and we’re excited to try all things new! We’re back and better and ever this week with some truly epic shit that you should def explore RN.

Want to flaunt the 420 lifestyle, but still keep it on the DL? Check out these awesome THC molecule necklaces. If you know, you know.

Are you watching season two of Barry?! You should be! If Bill Hader as a depressed hitman turned wannabe actor turned terrible Lululemon salesperson doesn’t make you want to grab your remote right now, maybe this trailer for season one will change your mind.

Contract killing has never been so funny… or so sad.

Um, hello, Sour Patch Kids, but better! Want a tasty treat that’ll give you an uplifting head high at 5mg a pop? Say hello to our little friends!

Sour Watermelon is the bomb.

Plus is only available in California right now, but hopefully they’ll be able to expand their gummy empire soon!