Welcome to The Good Shit: Education edition. We’re rounding up some of our fave resources and handing’em over to you, because who doesn’t love learning more about our lovely plant-friend? We’ve got recs on books, podcasts, and even documentaries. Check’em below!

First up is Brave New Weed. Both the book and the podcast are great. On the pod, Joe Dolce brings in a range of interesting guests to do deep dives on the state of cannabis and legalization.

Leafly’s What Are You Smoking podcast is light, fun, and supes interesting. They mostly focus on the Washington weed scene, but bring in some excellent guests to talk about things like the science behind the bud, cannabis and art therapy, and how things like wildfires affect cannabis growth.

We’re so looking forward to seeing Weed the People, a documentary that educates mainstream audiences about medical cannabis as a human rights issue. It seems like a must-see film for cannabis advocates everywhere.

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