It’s November, Peeps! Let’s get baked! Erm… baking. Or, better yet, why live in a binary? Let’s combine the two! Here’s a roundup of some of our fave weedy recipes and a few that we still have on our “must try this” list.

So, the OG has to be an old-fashioned cannabutter recipe. For years this was the base of so many cannabis edibles. Now, of course, there’re things like infused sugar, salt, and water, but you’ve gotta give respect to good old cannabutter.

dude, why’s this butter so loud tho?

Sure, you were never sure whether or not your brownies correctly, but since the biggest danger is couchlock, why not roll those dice and see what those puppies could do?

So, what do you want to do with your newly minted cannabutter? I mean, weed brownies are an option, sure, BUT what if you went savory instead? Try this Parmesan and Garlic Pasta with cannabutter and change your world forever.

is there such a thing as food FOMO? asking for a friend

Can’t you just taste that garlicky, parmesan goodness? Makes us want to grab a pan and get into the kitchen rn.

Want to go BIG and decadent with dessert? Have we got a treat for you! Check out this Chocolate Canna-Almond Cake, brb checking the cupboard for ingredients now.

all the heart eye emojis in the world aren’t enough

It looks tasty, scrumptious and, let’s face it, way better than a smooshed pot brownie any day. But, if you make this, you’d better invite us over for a taste.