What up, fam? Tired after a long ass week? Ready for something that’ll shake up your routine? You’ve come to the right place! We love finding the weirdest, wildest, and sometimes just plain coziest things for you. Here are a few of our picks this week.

In the running for weirdest is this magical Frost Pipe that lets you make your own pipe out of ice. We’re not 100% sure how it works tbh and sure the reviews aren’t looking that hot, BUT it’s a pipe you make yourself out of ice!

ice, ice, baby

Surely, one of you crafty souls can figure out how to do this without buying a kit. When you Macgyver one together, be sure to throw it up on Insta and give us a shout. We want to see it in action.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta make your roll the fanciest roll of all. That’s right, there now exists 24k gold wrapping papers for all of your rolling needs.

no one is as fancy as you

Personally, we’d rather spend the money on the nugs inside the paper instead of what’s burning up, but if you need more bling in your life, you’ve 100% gotta do you.

And now for the coziest thing we saw this week. Guys, guys, there’s a Stoner Coloring Book! It exists. And it is beautiful.

think of all the colors!

Who could not want to get super baked and color the shit out of this business?

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