What up, fam? It’s the end of another loooong ass week and we’re ready for the weekend and another round of all The Good Shit!

One cool thing we stumbled upon this week was A Proper High. In a world where great products are scattered across multiple states, it’s a website trying to make that perfect high more findable.

er high
so many good options

Products are sorted by multiple categories including, inhale, ingest, effects, and gear. They still need to work some of the bugs out (a state by state database would be dope), but we hope that more and more stuff like this starts popping off to make finding great products even easier.

When you think about it, golf and weed are an amazing smash up, but long country club walks and cannabis culture haven’t truly melded the way they should’ve, until now. Check out Puffington’s gear for golf.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a Kushwood Snapback.

subtle yet unmistakably weedy

Or a patch that says it all, Puffington’s got your back.

classy af

So, the next time you’re out golfing with Grandpa or the rest of your gang, you can represent in style.

In the delightfully dangerous zone this week, we have CREAM Boutiques. A premium cannabis edible that’s dead ass ice cream. We truly live in a beautiful world.

cannabis infused strawberry ice cream
nom nom

These gorgeous little devils are only available in Arizona and come in a variety of flavors including Coffee Bean, Mint Chip, and Strawberry Delight. BRB planning our next trip to Arizona…