The Internet is amazeballs. Whether you want to look like weed, smell like weed, or find accessories for your weed, it’s got you. This week we’re diving down the rabbit hole into all of the kick-ass cannabis related things you can find while you’re cruising Google blazed af at 2am.

Want to dress the part this Halloween? Get your bag on!

bud bag costume

it looks p. comfy, tbh

Want to smell like weed, but are out of flower? We shit you not, there’s a cologne for that.

we’d rather smoke, but why not?

Need to grind on the go? The Tokyo Smoke Grinder Card slips into your wallet so that you’re never without on any of your mobile adventures.

slick and smart

Want a full spectrum hit with all of the tasty terps intact? Try Chemistry. Their carts pack a punch and are well made with a glass mouthpiece and tiny descriptive stickers you can stick on your cart to remind you whether it makes your toes tingle or sends you straight to dreamland.

who doesn’t love tiny stickers?!? amiright?

Chemistry is currently available in California, but we hope they’ll expand soon.