This week we’re getting tasty! Whether it’s edibles, the munchies, or binge-watching Top Chef while blazed, food is a huge part of cannabis culture. This week we’re celebrating an incredible spice, watching slackjawed as a watermelon gets sliced, and trying to figure out how to get our hands on the next hot and happening cookbook early.

How is this post not pure poetry? Whether you’re high or not, you’ve got to admit that this dude’s knife skillz are next level. Take a look and fall down the rabbit hole.


On Tuesday, October 23rd, run, don’t walk to your nearest bookstore. Or, fine, order it online, but get your ass in gear, because the Cannabis King, Snoop Dogg is publishing a cookbook.

I guess hanging with Martha S. made this inevitable.

Just in time for Thanksgiving nomnom.

Don’t love the spice? PumpKING spice, that is. Get on our level!

Pumpkin = the spice of life.

Get on that pumpkin train and just roll.