I am a dispensary sales worker by day and a Wife and Mom… all the time!

Hello, Budtender Nation! Permit me to introduce Myself: My name is J-Mo, I am a native North Idahoan who recently relocated to beautiful Eastern Washington state.

The Best Summer Ever 

I first experimented with “The herb” in the summer of 1997. I made friends with some “cool kids” that came to our lakeside town to visit family for the summer, I don’t quite remember the details but after a few lake days and hikes up the local hillsides they brought out the joints, loosely rolled and lit with a strike anywhere match, we smoked and coughed and laughed and smiled for hours. That was the summer it all made sense; it gave me freedom at a time when my angsty teenage mind felt I had none. And if you put on a certain Dave Mathews or Peter Tosh Album, it will all come flooding back to me.  

Five Miles to Freedom 

I currently am well into my 30’s and married for years to a fella I adore, two years ago we were made a trio by the birth of our magical lady baby. We previously parented a Pug and pair of cats who are very much still around. Our move to a more serene neighborhood also resulted in a five-mile crossing of the border into a legal cannabis state. One year ago, it was a crime for me to light a joint in my garage and today I advocate for the normalization of cannabis and parenting daily, I travel to events all over the PNW to further my education and spread that knowledge to my friends and customers. I work in a bustling shop with three locations across our city and have access to many of our state’s finest products. I really love trying out new products and technologies that allow me to live my cannabis-loving lifestyle while allowing an enjoyable and slightly more discreet experience!

I have spent 20 years serving customers Coffee, Cocktails and even a theatrical song and dance, but no two jobs have brought me as much joy and purpose as being a Family gal and my work in cannabis! 

I want to review products, chat about life, and stay current with our ever-growing industry. Support and connection will make us all rise up together.

Won’t you join me on my adventures as I get Baked After Bedtime?