There is a good deal of behind the scenes work at any shop, the name of the man who handles those issues at my job is Logan. He’s soft-spoken and no-nonsense, and once you’ve heard him breakdown terpene profiles or assist over the phone with a sweet senior citizen navigating the world of tinctures, it’s undeniable that he is an expert of the highest order. He’s been with our company since the first days of legalization; he’s humble, gracious, and comes armed with vast knowledge. I’m honored to have him as my first industry pioneer here on six questions from the canna-desk!

1. Who are you?

My name is Logan DeVleming, and I ‘ve been in the recreational cannabis industry for about four and a half years now.

2. How and when did your career in cannabis start?

Honestly, it was from a Craigslist ad. I’d noticed that there was a posting for hiring staff for an unnamed new recreational store in my city and I submitted my resume. I’d forgotten I’d applied until I got a response roughly two months later asking if I could come in for an interview. I was interviewed on a fold-out table in the future break room surrounded by paint cans and cardboard boxes. Two weeks later we opened on October 24th, 2014.

3. What motivates your work in this field?

While I’d begun my cannabis usage a few years before getting the job, my primary motivation for working in this industry has always been being a pioneer in a new field. I was fascinated by the idea that I would be a part of “trial running” what legalization would realistically look like on a much grander scale when America eventually legalized on a federal level. Every new regulation and law was a chance to problem solve and hone in what we now see as a typical sales transaction in 2019.

4. How do you navigate the abundance of information available to stay current with your education?

Misinformation is abundant in every industry and I502 is no exception. What made that fact even more difficult is that there is not a lot of formal research into cannabis, especially before the legalization movement began. From learning the reality of THC to not putting as much focus on Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids, to finally educating ourselves on terpenes, information is always changing. Part of navigating all of the new information out there was preparing yourself for having what you thought you knew completely disproven the next day.

5. What is your favorite quality in a budtender?

Empathy. You’re going to quickly learn what you assumed was common knowledge about cannabis might be a complete mystery to your customer. There’s going to be people who don’t know how to use a pipe. There are going to be people who have never seen a joint before. And, there’s going to be people who think that blue dream is their favorite strain to help them sleep. You need to remember that everyone started from nothing and a customer is going to react better to a learning opportunity than just being told what they need.

6. What is the best movie sequel ever created and why?

Terminator 2, no contest. Great director, fantastic music, and the thumbs up while the T-800 sunk into the lava was one of the greatest endings in modern movie history. That movie is peak 90’s excellence.

Lastly, please share a tip for success in budtending with the crowd.

Know your menu, live your menu, smoke your menu. Customers will keep coming back to you if they notice that you have a firm grasp on the different products your store has to offer. If you can’t try something, then talk to your coworker who has tried it and learn how they felt about the product. So you can honestly say, “I’ve never tried that bath bomb but my co-worker has, and she loves them!”

End transmission, Big ups, J-mo Be