I live in the state of Oklahoma, and in case you haven’t heard we recently took a large leap in the right direction when it comes to marijuana reform. On June 26th, 2018 the sooner state voted to legalize medical marijuana. And when I say legalize, I mean we legalized! With arguably one of the laxest medical marijuana laws we made a huge statement.

Although it makes us the 30th state to legalize cannabis in some form, this is a huge deal for a state that JUST starting selling cold beer and wine in grocery stores. With over 1,100 business licenses that have been approved, we have turned waving wheat into waving marijuana plants! This did not come without struggle from our own government AFTER the law was passed. In short, the health department thought they could change the wording on the law voted for and by the people. A few lawsuits later, we can officially say the people of Oklahoma got what they voted for.

Nice to Meet Ya!

This is where I come in, I am Rayne and I like to think of myself as a ganja pioneer in these parts. I imagine that the excitement in the air here is almost the same as when the land run took place. With the flurry of physician approvals, dispensary openings, grower harvests, and vaping smoke in the air, I can officially say the BOOM has begun! Therefore, there are so many things for me to explore and best of all, share with you! In other words, I want to take you along with me on this journey down the green brick road.

Who Am I?

With a degree in Business and experience as a marijuana user, my eyes light up when I think of all the possibilities of this natural miracle. I also have experience in cannabis and CBD writing for websites and social media. I love being able to open up people minds and fight the stigma against this amazing plant.

So, when the Ganja land run began here in Oklahoma, I knew that I wanted to try and write about all the new experiences coming to my very red state. That means edibles, vaping, water soluble, dabs, and everything in between. I really want to showcase just how creative we can be here in the state of endless buffalo!

So welcome to CannaVibes with Rayne, sit down, have a bowl, and be ready to read about the marijuana frontier.