DabberGirl's Discussions

Hello, Budtender Nation and all Cannabis/Blog Lovers alike! My name is Amanda aka HisLilDabberGirl, Welcome to DabberGirl’s Discussions! This blog will take you on a detailed journey through the cannabis industry and community! With information, personal opinions, cannabis event commentary, and much more! But first, a little about yours truly! 

I’ve been in the industry for over five years now and work at 96 West Detroit Dispensary in Detroit, Michigan as a Budtender/Social Media Manager. We’re currently going through the licensing process due to our state putting through regulations last year! I am a patient first and use cannabis to deal with my “invisible illness” (a topic I will further discuss in a separate blog). I have been a cannabis consumer since 2006, but have become more of an avid dabber the last three years.

Spreading Cannabis Love 

I have done many things within the industry such as cultivating, processing, marketing/promotional work, hosting events and of course my favorite position of all; Budtending! I absolutely love to Budtend because not only do I get to educate people in need of help from a plant that literally saved my life, I really get to help people and make a difference in their lives through the use and education of that same amazing plant! And that is a fulfillment I’ve never felt from anything else in my life. 

Through my work in the industry, I came across the ability to really get my name out there through Instagram, to help make new connections! Instagram has been another fantastic outlet for me to educate people on cannabis and really help them figure out how it could make a positive difference in their lives! I have been on IG under the handle HisLilDabberGirl for almost four years now! It not only has helped me help others but it has also given me the chance to connect with other industry/community members from all over that have definitely played a part in getting my knowledge level on cannabis and everything involved to where it is today! I have not yet traveled to meet these amazing souls that have graced my path to cannabis knowledge, but I plan to very soon! 

My second favorite thing to do in the industry is definitely hosting/working events! Such a beautiful thing to see our community come together and be able to celebrate how far we’ve come without worry of arrest! I try to attend all the events that have happened/are happening in Michigan! Events like The High Times Cannabis Cup, The Cultivators Cup, The Four Twenty Cup, Trick Trick’s Meet & Chief, AbraCaDabs, OMS Dab House Detroit Dabwarz, and many more! Getting to go to these events and medicate freely with other patients while we all learn from each other’s experiences is absolutely incredible! This upcoming MidWest Cannabis Cup on September 8th & 9th in Clio, MI at the Clio Speedway, is the next Cannabis Event here in MI! I will be having my “DabberGirl’s Dab Off” A dab competition for the patients, by the patients! As I always do! Hope to maybe see some of you there!

See You Next Time

It was so nice talking to all of you and introducing myself! I’m so excited to get all new information out to you guys and really give you a behind the scenes look at Life in The Industry! Make sure you check out my IG Page: Hislildabbergirl_ for more about Myself, Events, Cannabis Information and of course, sweet pics! Peace Out Dabbers! This has been the first edition of DabberGirl’s Discussions! I look forward to having many more with all of you!

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