For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been pretty rough on my body. Drinking massive amounts of alcohol, eating fast food like it’s going out of style (thanks Indica), and not getting enough sleep. So, here I am pushing my body to its max in all the wrong ways, feeling like I’m invincible, then all of a sudden, BOOM I was down for the count. My eyes were swollen shut; my throat was as so sore, the gift of my gab was instantly gone. On top of having these issues, so close to my thinking space, my body was sore from head to toe, and I felt like I had cotton mouth for a lifetime. With all of these physical pains and aches and negative thoughts that go with it, naturally, I hit the bong.

Infused Snackage FTW 

Hitting the bong was the worst possible idea a Stoner could have while having the worst sore throat known to man. Even though I felt like death was upon me, the hit that aided that feeling, also granted me a moment of clarity. “EDIBLES!” I wheezed as I rolled myself out of bed. I always save a little-infused snackage for moments like these. I popped 30 mg of an infused dark chocolate bar. Like magic, my body aches were tamed within 20 minutes of ingesting these sweet treats. At that point, I could start my day.

An edible routine then replaced my smoking routine because my throat could not handle the harshness of the smoke. Even taking mini, baby, dabs, was really hard for me. Luckily, I had some pressed, bubble hash, sweet-tart- like, suckables. I’m one of those lucky stoners who feels GREAT on 40-50 mg of THC. So, I have to be careful with my dosages. I loved those suckables because they had 5 mg of THC and 3 mg of CBD per piece. It helped me keep my doses right and allowed me to be coherent throughout the day.

Feeling Fit and On Level 

During this time, I decided to join the gym so I could aid and incorporate my smoking habits with a healthy active lifestyle. At first, I was intimidated by all of the gym beasts that crawled the equipment around me. In a situation like this one, me being all anxious, I reach for a heavy Indica to disable my fears of judgment. Even though my throat was killing me, I hit the Ganga bowl (Papayahuasca), remembered how much of a bad idea that was and went inside. That bowl got me on a level, and I was ready to dominate my goal for that session. Alongside the pressed, bubble hash tabs, I felt like a million bucks after smoking that bowl and sweating out my sickness. To make light of a dark situation that I was in, I figured out my own cure to feeling better.

Even though I felt like a sorry, sack of shasta at first, through my high doses of THC and light doses of CBD, I made it out alive! Now I’m sitting here healthy enough to pick my phone up and make way for a new adventure/ obstacle to overcome. Next time I get some weird sickness, or funky stuff building up inside of me, I will immediately know what to try for a quick fix to recovery. Hopefully, with this new routine, I won’t be sick for a while.