We budtenders are firmly seated on the front lines of the recreational cannabis industry. Our unique experiences and perspectives are as compelling as they are varied. With just over four years of legal sales under its belt, Eastern Washington has no shortage of current and former bud slingers. Our industry is ever-changing and full of movement, and I feel that as a community, there is a huge benefit to sharing and shedding light on what motivates people who do this work, and the tales of those who blazed this trail for us.

photo credit: Leafly

That long-winded introduction was basically to introduce a series of interviews. Six questions from the canna desk! A year of work in recreational cannabis has yielded countless opportunities to connect with people who share a common passion, and I wish to utilize it to launch a different kind of dialogue with some of those people. I frequently find myself engaged in captivating conversations with other industry professionals and always walk away feeling smarter and, at the very least, more understanding of the fact that we are all in this together. We all made a choice to enter this industry and in our own ways continue to evolve as the movement does.

From ‘Know It All” to Eager Student

When I began this work I was filled to the brim with bravado, after all, I had been rolling doobies around the fire at Tonasket barter faire while most of my counterparts were learning their colors. It didn’t take me long to realize that technically speaking I KNEW NOTHING. Fortunately, those aforementioned counterparts took me under their wings and along with the abundant and ongoing education from the amazing shop I work at along with a grueling amount of self-guided education, I am beginning to feel like less of a ‘know it all’ and more like an eager student. I have slightly more questions than answers.

It doesn’t matter to me if you’ve been in the game for two months, five years or twenty… J-Mo is coming at ya with Some questions! Most will be relevant, a few will be as random as the gal asking them, but the end result will be an insight into our world like no other. Let’s get to know each other as humans who live and work herb.