I’ve been smoking cannabis since I was a teenager in high school. But, never in my wildest dream did I think that this would become a booming and growing industry! I have always been a fan of smoking weed, but I’d never really researched what it could do for my health. I came into the industry by accident and boy am I glad I did. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I was down and out and needed a job really fast. I randomly happened to apply at a popular local pot shop. I didn’t really overthink it at the time because I knew I loved weed and I just wanted to work. How hard could it be? I survived the interview process and proudly accepted my job offer. Initially, I thought I was getting a piece of cake job, but I soon found out that there was so much more to weed then just smoking it and getting high.

More Than Just Selling Weed

My head was soon spinning when I came in for orientation, and my new district manager started going over a presentation with tons of information about state rules and regulations, a breakdown of the different types of weed and the different ways you could consume it. It was so much information, and I’d had no idea when I was just a casual consumer. The only thing I knew was the difference between Indica and Sativa, so this was a whole new world to me. Being a budtender was more than just selling weed because people wanted to get high, it was about knowing what you were selling to each person.

cannabis in a jar

At first being a budtender was nerve wrecking. Customers would ask questions about products because they were looking for items to help aid them in having a comfortable day. I began to use all the resources around me. I used websites, my co-worker’s experiences, stories from regular customers, and my personal experiences to find out how weed could help a person’s wellbeing. I’d take so many notes in my little notebook about different strains and what they could do. I had the proper recreational answers I could say and avoided giving official medical advice. And soon I had a ton more knowledge than when I started. The more I learned and smoked, the more I became comfortable with being a budtender and teaching others about the products my store had to offer.

It’s Not a Job, It’s a Career

Becoming a Budtender has changed my life for the better. It’s been just about a year and what I thought was going to be a simple job has landed me at a start of a fun new booming career. I sell weed to people from all walks of life, for so many different reasons. I have met people behind the brands, who have a strong passion for what they do. Being a budtender allowed me to understand there is more to cannabis than just getting high and having a good time. I can’t wait to share more of my budtending and cannabis experiences with the others.