As many of you already know, we would be nowhere in the cannabis revolution without the farms that grow and tend to this glorious plant. Given this fact, I want to start doing farm highlights for all curious tenders to the bud; farms that I have inquired on and spoken to about their practices as well as having tried some of their fantastic product personally. Sharing is caring! 

First up on the rack, Urban Canna based in Springfield, Oregon! A grow that has become quite beloved by me. I haven’t had a strain disappoint me yet! They have many indicas that I have enjoyed that I will be sharing in my review here! 

Their product is grown indoors in soil and handled with extreme care throughout the entire growing process. Once plants are harvested, they slow dry the product in the perfect climate to preserve as much THC and terpenes as possible. All of their product is hand trimmed, and they do their absolute best to bring new products to market and provide consumers with fresh product as well as diverse strains that are relatively uncommon. Urban Canna’s grow practices are down to a science, and you never see a dip in quality or consistency at the highest level. 

Strain Reviews 

Strain: Bop Gun 

Lineage: Dosidos x Papaya 

This was the first strain I ever tried from Urban Canna, and being an indica gal, I was hooked immediately. The flower smelled sweet and had a light “Chem” familiarity to it, with hints of pine, wood, spice and light fruit! In terms of taste, the spice and wood really carried through. It did have a little soap taste to it in the exhale interestingly enough; it was only a tad harsh from a pepper kick that you get with it. It was very stoney in the eyes! My eyes just wanted to be closed. It starts off light in the body and grows in intensity which settles into full sedation. This puts your mind at ease and puts a smile on your face while covering your body in calm relaxation. It helped me relieve a bad headache but also induced munchies. Overall just so much love! Fantastic indica strain.  

Strain: Mendo Breeze 

Lineage: Mendo Breath x Purple Punch 

With this lovely gem of a strain, the smell was nearly completely taken from the breath family! Earthy, sweet grapes, woody, spice with some pepper notes. The taste was phenomenally smooth and pungently danky. Followed by the wood, spice, and pepper in the exhale. Fortunately, it doesn’t get harsh until the very end of the bowl. This strain starts off really intense with an immediate heaviness to the lids and an instant head change. I want to note that it ashed white and had a perfect cure on it! Literally felt like a weight was taken off of the shoulders. Stoney and heavy for sure! Definitely makes you spacey and derpy; this is some night time stuff in its essence.