Yeah, you heard me. Don’t be that asshole at a festival being obvious about your consumption. Don’t be the jackass in the Ikea, smoking weed and drinking a huge beer. Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. Don’t be the douche at the bus stop, lighting up without having the manners to a) ask those around you if it’s alright, or b) do it farther away from the bus stop, duh.

People who are disrespectful and severely lacking in manners when it comes to public consumption give the rest of us a bad name. It’s incredibly rude to light up anywhere, everywhere, at any time. No. Don’t be that asshole.

Think Before You Toke 

With more and more states legalizing recreational, dispensaries carrying House Pre-Rolls™, Pre-Roll Packs, and Cartridges make it a lot easier to indulge in public spaces even if the laws are against it. Most people don’t really care, unless you’re being a nuisance. (So, don’t be.) It isn’t hard to have awareness of those around you, and decency to keep in mind that other people may not be interested in cannabis and would rather you not smoke it in their vicinity.

While they are in no way alike; think of it like smoking a cigarette in public. Even if you don’t smoke them, do you like having that smell around you? What about the secondhand smoke? Because there are people out there who feel the same about cannabis, and to maintain a positive image of our community as a whole we shouldn’t try to get a rise out of those people. There’s no reason outside of being problematic. Why even bother?

Peace, Love and Cannabis

Personally, I don’t understand the satisfaction others get at upsetting people. What’s to gain? Why spread negativity and bitterness when, if you just tried, being positive is a lot easier. Isn’t that what our movement is about? Spreading peace, love, and cannabis? It’s about freedom, but why use that freedom to hurt or inconvenience others? “Misery loves company,” is one of the oldest sayings in the book. Why can’t it be happiness? Joy? Compassion? Why can’t we infect our society with that like we successfully manage with misery and hate?

To me, cannabis is about love, health, and community. It has healed me time and time again in situations of turmoil and pain. Cannabis is joy, hilarity, solace, beauty, and nature. Cannabis has the potential to heal not only our personal selves, but our society and our planet as well.

So? How dare you jeopardize it. We have worked so hard, SO HARD! For this. There are generations of people sitting in prison for cannabis related “crimes.” War Criminals during an unjust, racially charged war to spread misinformation and fear so the Government could target the people who use it most. Demonizing their communities, raiding their homes, and throwing their lives away to rot in prisons. For what? For your right to smoke anywhere and everywhere you please? No.

Come on you guys, please don’t ruin it for the rest of us.