Identifying quality candy and products in Arizona for your dispensary

Arizona has ever changing shelves of product, and to see the market inundated with new things can be disorienting. Identifying the products that are trustworthy can be difficult unless you are in the dispensary daily requesting test results. Utilizing edibles has a low margin for error when medicating and can help budtenders to serve their patients better when recommending edibles. Small batch edibles are becoming a less common sight in Arizona Dispensaries, and the benefits of a small batch edible where the chef would always be able to scale an accurate dose with consistent quality is becoming a lost practice. The hesitation to try new edibles comes from wondering which will attain the desired effect while still allowing me to function.

Pure Edibles and their line of caramels, and tootsies is a confection company that patients can depend on for consistent dosing.

The four pack of edibles caramels and tootsies range in flavor including classic caramel, chocolate tootsy, and strawberry caramel. Recently, they’ve also had summer seasonal flavors like watermelon, sour blue raspberry, and strawberry.

These flavors come in several dose options; a regular 4-pack can come in the 100mg (4-25mg edibles) or the 240mg (4-60mg edibles). They also provide an alternative dose of a single 25mg edible to allow new patients to try their product without the risk of commitment to an entire dose or pack to feel its effects. A wonderful caramel is the staple of Pure Edibles, with a rich classic flavor that reminds me of home, and a light flower flavor to remind me I’m medicating. The caramels are a very stable, easy to work with consistency which makes Pure candies great on their own. A great alternative is baking cookies and brownies with the caramels to add extra results to my homemade edibles.

Edible Tips For the Morning and On-the-Go

When I don’t feel like I can tackle a candy or cookie in the morning, I will drop my caramel into coffee or tea. This makes my morning wake and bakes as simple as grabbing a hot drink before my day starts. If chocolate or caramel isn’t your cup of tea (or coffee), you have options with the seasonal flavors. My favorites have been the watermelon and the sour blue raspberry. The watermelon on a summer day is refreshing and staves the heat of Arizona off with a smooth, creamy watermelon flavor makes me think of a popsicle, while the effects keep me cool under the sun. My go-to for movies, outings, and general medicating has been the sour blue raspberry as well. A sudden rush of sour raspberry flavor that reminds me of the candy aisle options I had as a kid. With any of these options, you can count on Pure to not give into the heat like some of the other caramel and candy options will during the summer.

All of these products have fantastic price points both for dispensaries and consumers. The dose is always consistent, and the ability to reach your desired therapeutic dose can be achieved with a low margin for error. The company prides itself in passing along savings without sparing quality to the patients in Arizona. My time spent in inventory, I witnessed the popularity of this brand and its reputation on my own shelves. The overall value and consistency of the edibles make this a must-try for all Arizona medical cannabis patients.