A Quick Lesson on First In, First Out

In a dispensary, you can find an assortment of edibles, drinks, and other consumable products. I often see that people working in a dispensary come from varied backgrounds. As a result, some managers have different views on the products they sell depending on their retail background. When asked about their experience, few have an understanding of properly managing food unless they come from a sector that sold it. Keeping up with expiration dates, as well as quality assurance, should be a primary concern for any manager in a dispensary. Inventory managers should be the most involved, invest in a food handler card, and stay up to date on current health department standards for selling or storing food and beverages.

Why Staying Up to Date Matters

Consistently providing the freshest product improves patient relationships and prevents issues with state audits. Since the health department of most states also manages medical marijuana and dispensary guidelines as well, it’s a good idea to be up to date on all health code requirements for food and drink. It’s a mistake to think that state inspectors don’t look for a reason to take points to punish your dispensary for mistakes on food and beverage service and storage. Serving expired food, and not having details or expiration dates tracked by batch are huge violations for most food service businesses. I see the rules and regulations for dispensaries tightening in this area soon as edibles or drinks become more widely used.

Keeping Up with FIFO

Managers when merchandising an inventory should concentrate on keeping older products accessible for sale first, and new intake product back stocked. Educating your teams on this is essential, as is ensuring the work of cycling and organizing the products. Make sure you’re using your cannabis tracking software’s tool to input expiration dates for all edibles that come through your door. When you access the reporting functions, you can print upcoming expiration dates along with current inventory. Using batching, expiration dates, and current inventory numbers make keeping a fresh, accurate inventory very simple. A few more tips include studying common shelf life of foods, staying up on relevant edible vendor details, and exploring the capabilities of your POS tracking to build a system that serves high-quality and consistent product at all times.