Hello fellow ‘buddies’ and congratulations on being part of our lifetime’s most drastically expanding and changing industry. We here at Budtender Nation understand that there are many different reasons to immerse yourself in the Cannabis industry, maybe its to share your personal experiences, help your community, or resolve the negative stigma around this complex plant. Whatever your reasoning is, we commend you for helping others.

Budtending is an interesting position in this industry. We are the ‘frontlines’, the ‘face’ of the brand, the ones who see the connection between product and patient. We spend hours reading articles, researching terpenes, learning about cannabinoids, as well as discussing innovation and product research with others knowledgeable in the field. We truly never stop developing our knowledge in order to better serve our patients and our community. For us, it is all about making each individual happy and comfortable. We strive to send them home with the best products, from the best brands, for the right reasons. However, seeing as the cannabis business is quickly evolving and ever changing we at BN know it can be tricky to stay on top of all of this information.

That’s why we are here.

To be your resource, your mentor, your go to for all cannabis questions related to your very intricate position. Budtender Nation is a place where you can share ideas, product reviews, brand information, event schedules, and anything else that you think you might need to know as a canna-connoisseur.

Having this community will have a wide variety of benefits not only on a state by state basis but also on a national level. Message boards will allow us to discuss obstacles we may come up against in the legalization process, share products that are working well for certain ailments, and talk about brands that are going above and beyond in our industry. Write for our blog and share stories about your favorite patients and how you helped them find relief. We have a dream that this community will be an exchange of ideas, a place for sharing and a way for all of us to come together for a bigger purpose.    

Patient Specialist, patient coordinator, wellness helper, budtender, whatever your job title, we are here to be your aide in this fascinating journey through cannabis. We look forward to the community this could build, and we are excited about hearing your ideas and your stories.

Budtender Nation